Images of Malin Street throughout the twentieth century, including ‘the Duck’, the alcohol factory, the New Century Bar, a St. Patrick’s Day parade and some of the residents of the street over the years.

Do you know what ‘the Duck’ was? Which battalion of the Irish Army marched down Malin Street in the St. Patrick’s Day parade? Feel free to add your own comments or corrections at the end of the page. 

Click on any image for a pop-up image viewer. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing these old photos! I’ve just found my Great-Granda and his family online in the middle of some family history research. John Kearney, the carter from Malin Street and his family outside their house beside the Tullys, was my Granny Kearney’s father. Fanny, from the top right photo, went on to marry John Murray. The Murrays moved from Creeslough to Belfast in ’41. Great to see some home photos from Inishowen.

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