Welcome to our photo gallery showcasing the soccer teams of Carndonagh, spanning from 1911 to the 1970s. These images are a testament to the town’s deep passion for soccer, with teams and players proudly representing their community throughout the years.

In this gallery, you will see photos of various teams from Carndonagh, including some of the referees and managers who played vital roles in the sport’s development in the town.

Some of the photos are missing details, and we would like people to help us fill in the gaps if possible. We encourage anyone with knowledge about the teams, players, or the context of these images to contribute any information they may have. These photos offer a unique glimpse into the rich history of soccer in Carndonagh, and with your help, we can preserve and celebrate this legacy.

So, join us on a journey through time and explore the soccer teams of Carndonagh, honouring the players, referees, and managers who contributed to the town’s sporting culture that continues to thrive in Carndonagh today.

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