One night of late, while in my sleep, I had a pleasant dream;
That I was in old Ireland convenient to my home,
I thought I lay on Carrick Brae and had a gaze all round
At the bonny woods and planting green quite close to Carn Town.

I thought I gazed on Malin Braes, the ground I well do know,
Likewise the Isle I viewed awhile where the wild Atlantic flows;
Strabregga, too, I well did view, where with youngsters blithe and gay,
‘Tis there I spent some happy days close to its lovely bay.

Glasha Glen I thought of then and also Collen Hill;
I thought of dear old Claggan Tower that’s in my memory still
‘Round Labby cove I oft’ did rove and had the best of fun,
For I was always welcomed there by old as well as young.

Gortnamara and Bellure and likewise Glenmakee,
Around these mentioned places pleasant gatherings I did see;
I thought I saw sweet Tiernaleague where lovers always flow,
And I myself amongst the rest sure oftimes there did go.

‘Twas then I took a lonely look at that wee deserted town,
The place where I was born and bred with sorrow did look down;
There I saw peace and pleasure, but all of that is fled,
For some did roam and leave their home and others they are dead.

Now you may be thinking who I am; my intention is to tell.
Here are the initials of my name and little town as well
From the alphabet take letter fifth, to join with four and three;
If you want it any plainer sure it can’t be done by me.

(Source: Ena McColgan (granddaughter) Tuberclare, Downhill, Coleraine)

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